Rock lobsters caught in pristine waters off Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand, have a flavour and quality not matched by lobsters from other waters around the world

We are able to supply fresh and frozen fish as well as other seafood products crabs, abalone, and prawns.

We are able to supply Australian native fish Murray Cod and Barramundi, fresh, filleted and packaged to suit.

We are also able to supply Australian freshwater Yabby from Australias clean green environment.

For Rock Lobsters the seasons are:

  • Tasmania

  • Western Australia

  • South Australia

  • 15th November to end September

  • 15th November to 15 th June

  • 1st October to end May


  • Size A
  • Size B
  • Size C
  • Size D
  • Size E+
  • Size E-
  • Size F


  • 400–600 gms
  • 600–800 gms
  • 800–1000 gms
  • 1 kg to 1.5 kg
  • 1.5 kg to 2.0 kg
  • 2.0 kg to 2.5 kg
  • 2.5 kg +